golden week 2015: bali time

Big news, y’all:

I’m flying to Bali today, for 11 days (originally 10, but my return flight got cancelled and pushed back.) It’s Golden Week now in Japan, so I took 6 days paid vacation for an 11-day trip (with weekends to book end and for recovery.)


I could pee my pants I’m so nervous…it’s my first solo international trip. Japan doesn’t count: this is my third time in Japan, second time living here, I came over with a group every time, I have a Japanese phone, bank account, and health insurance, and I’ve been studying Japan for 10 years.

I know nothing about Bali or Indonesia. I didn’t even know it was in Indonesia until I started researching “places to go in Indonesia” and Bali came up.

Did you know the world’s 3rd largest island is in Indonesia? Well now you Borneo. I mean…it is Borneo. #cheesyjoke

I actually wanted to go to Borneo and Java, but I’m not quite ready spiritually or mentally for that. I need to start small: with one of the best tourist destinations in the world. I need to know that I can throw a rock and hit another foreigner. Not that I would do that. It is the 21st century and the jerk who throws the first stone…


I’ll come back with two weeks of excitement or two weeks of tears, but either way, I’ll come back with stories and many, many photos. (I bought a selfie stick so you can see my face in another country.) I won’t have my computer because it’s relax time, so try to entertain yourselves while I’m away.

I’ll be posting on Facebook in the meantime, though!


See ya,

Nick P.

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