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i want to learn all of the things

I just really want to learn everything. Especially all of the food things. I generally have trouble taking it slow and letting myself go step by step, but I also generally have trouble actually succeeding at learning the things I attempt. I’ve come up with a sizable list of things I would like to work on once I move home, and I won’t promise anyone that I’ll finish a certain number of them by a certain date. If you’ve read my About Me or the book Julie and Julia (or the movie made from the book, trailer here), then you should know how that would turn out. I’ll take my time going through as many as I can, and practicing each recipe many, many times, even posting some stories and recipes on the blog! I’ll keep the list somewhere handy to remind myself and even add onto it as I cross items off of it.

Here we go!

1. how to use a rice cooker (I’ve lived in Japan for 2.5 years and have never learned how)

2. how to use a grill (gotta get back in touch with my ‘Merican heritage)

3. how to make jam

4. Early Grey tea bread

5. French sables

6. madeleines (bought a mini-madeleine pan and still haven’t tried these)

7. mayonnaise (probably going to be the first thing I attempt. American mayonnaise is…blegh. But Japanese mayo, lord help me.)

8. rendang (Indonesian coconut milk marinade for meats)

9. peanut butter (planning on attempting first thing in August), and other nut butters, depending on the price of the nuts

10. sambal (Indonesian chili sauce/relish)

11. white wine and red wine reductions

12. gado-gado (Indonesian peanut sauce)

13. American gravy, sausage gravy

14. fried chicken

15. pulled pork

16. rice bread

17. whole wheat bread

18. gumbo

19. jambalaya (my aunt’s from new orleans so I’ll have to pester her, hint hint if you’re reading this)

20. pickles (American and Japanese)

21. how to can/jar foods

22. almond paste, marzipan

23. soy clam chowder (because I’m lactose intolerant)

24. fudge, from scratch

25. roux sauces (Hollandaise, bechamel, etc.)

26. curry from scratch

27. coconut whipped cream

28. coconut milk ice cream

29. how to use a slow cooker

30. slow cooker meat recipes

31. French baguettes

32. tempura

33. pizza

34. gluten-free pizza

35. pasta

36. how to use quinoa

37. how to use chia seeds


If I can learn/practice 2 things a month (adjusting for price of ingredients), then I think I can get most of these in the next year. I’d also like to start keeping track of the prices of things I buy at the grocery store so I can become better at comparing prices and budgeting.


Wish me all of your luck. Every last drop of it.

Nick P.

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