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I’ve been home for nearly two weeks but somehow I find I haven’t had much time for real vacation-y things (unless you count trying to cram your way through Duolingo for no reason a vacation-y thing.) However, now that my room is (mostly) unpacked, all of my job reference requests have been sent off, and I’ve finished the first of thousands of resumes, I think I can safely say it’s time for blogging (Tumblr-ing.)


non-food things:

I applied for a credit card for the first time ever on Friday. I was denied, because I currently have no job. I would like to think if I could show them pictures of my (former) students, they would reconsider but I guess it doesn’t matter that you were (not really) off valiantly saving the world when all they see is “unemployed” on your application. No worries. I’ll get a job sooner or later and re-apply. I’ll be going to look for a car (also my first own car ever, though my parents may have to help me pay for it…) within a week or two, to make myself more hire-able. As much as I enjoy walking, I don’t fancy the idea of walking 2 hours each way, from Durham to Chapel Hill, for work.

And I joined a gym.

I worked out at the gym for the first time two days ago and I still can’t walk right because I did four maxed-out sets on the inner thigh machine, the worst idea I’ve had in six years.


food things: 

My parents are dieting and I’m trying to learn to eat better, which unfortunately means cutting down on carbs. I couldn’t eliminate them entirely. Anyone who tells me what I can and can’t eat can eat five of my fingers curled up into a fist. That being said, I need to shift the balance of my diet from sweets, carbs, and cheese, to whole foods, fruits, vegetables and lean meats, but I’ll cheat sometimes…every day.

Because of all this, I won’t be baking much this month. Instead, I’m focusing on finally really learning to cook. Since getting home, I’ve attempted pesto, arugula pesto, mayonnaise, vegannaise, and peanut butter, all from scratch. I bought a paleo cookbook (that I suspect is not devoutly paleo…) and the house is still in one piece, so I guess that’s good.

I’ll be cooking about twice a week, learning the nitty gritty bits as much as I can, and buying the groceries a few times a month, while still learning how not to burn cakes occasionally.

Expect to see some non-pastry recipes and a travel post in the next week, too!


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to crawl home because I can’t open my legs,

Nick P.

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