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what’s in season: september


Whenever I’m home, I like to peruse the farmer’s market and learn about what’s in season at the moment. You can buy pretty much anything at any time of year at the supermarkets, but for the best gustatory (look I used a word) experiences, it’s good to remain seasonal. Unfortunately, that means no more pesto or repeats of the unbe-leaf-able spicy basil beef I made last month (I devoured an army’s share.) But it also means I can spend the next 8 months thinking of way to use the herb before it comes back around, so I can be prepared to have The Best Spring and Summer Ever in My Mouth.

I wrote about this a little bit on the dead blog, and in order to keep this one going while I find some recipes I can feel confident sharing, I’m going to post monthly about what’s in season here in North Carolina, and maybe even in other areas, while also writing about what will soon be in season the next month so that we can all prepare ahead of time.


september_produce-5      september_produce-8

Here’s what’s good this month in North Carolina:

september fruits (take a peek here, too):




muscadine grapes





september_produce-10       september_produce-9 september_produce-13       september_produce-1


non-sweet fruits ‘n’ things:




cherry tomatoes





september vegetables and other such things: 


collard greens


sweet potatoes

green onions

mustard greens


recipe ideas (without links because I don’t want to take away from other sources, so you can search for specific recipes as you like):

curried or candied sweet potatoes | | sautéed greens with black pepper and lemon juice, or vinegar | | roasted cabbage wheels with olive oil and spices | | roasted pumpkin seeds | | pumpkin soup | | pickled cucumbers | | cucumber soup | | tomato soup (and grilled cheese sandwiches!) | | tomato sauce/marinara sauce | | salsa (for football season!!) | | peanut butter | | peanut butter pie | | peanut collard green salad | | peach cupcakes | | peach tarts and crostadas | | peach cobbler or crumble | | peach streusel muffins | | raspberry jam | | raspberry muffins | | raspberry-blackberry pie | | fig pudding | | olive oil fig cake | | apple brown sugar cake | | apple pie | | apple whole wheat muffins | | apple cider (for the really stressful days)

Thinking of all this produce is making me hungry and the itch to cook is far too strong to resist. I need a pumpkin spice latte (don’t judge.)


bon automne!

Nick P.

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extended hey-atus

I figured I would have plenty of content by now, having been home for 4.5 weeks, but I’m currently in the middle of Jobs Things. I thought it would be a few months before I heard from any companies but I ended up with a slew of interviews within two weeks and I’ve been so focused on being my best for them, and preparing, that I haven’t had the time, physical energy, or mental clarity to work on this blog. But soon, my life will be Normal again. Either they’ll all fall through and I’ll be a bum for another few weeks before re-attempting The Search. Or, at least one won’t fall through and I’ll be employed!

I don’t wanna jinx any of the opportunities so I won’t say more than that about them.

Soon, my friends,

Nick P.

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