i think we’re all done with 2017

Maybe we can just forget about 2017, too. Give us a few more years and we can completely erase 2016 and 2017 from memory, perhaps.

It’s been a long and busy year. A lot of goals made, met, failed, or exceeded. A lot of food made, eaten, or completely screwed up and thrown away. Some ups, quite a few downs, and just a lot of days (365 of them, to be exact.)

But tomorrow morning is a new month and a new year, and while I’ll pretend that tomorrow’s goals are new and fresh, the truth is that I make my resolutions in advance, and I start on them in advance, too (if I have the time and energy and this year I had neither.) The goals are stale, then, but the attempts will be fresh and new…as soon as I recover from my impending hangover.

Let’s look back at what I did this year:

  • I got a promotion at work and have been a manager since early April
  • I got a raise (right before the promotion…so two raises in one week)


  • I unofficially put my freelance writing on hold (school and work got in the way)
  • I got my own healthcare (why is it so expensive??)



  • I made my second solo road trip, this time to Atlanta
  • I saw an eclipse, which was just coincidentally occurring while I was in Atlanta



  • I got stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way from Atlanta to Charlotte and ended up driving all the hell over South Carolina to get out of it because apparently eclipse traffic is the worst traffic
  • I flew back out to Los Angeles for the first time since graduation



  • I saw Regina Spektor in concert, thus crossing off another of my top 5 favorite artists live (3 down, 2 to go!)
  • I went to my first football game as an alumnus



  • I made gravlax (dill-cured salmon) for the first time!! And the second time!!!
  • I made roast beef…also for the first and second time!!!



  • I cooked pork chops for the first time! And the second time! And maybe the third, fourth, and fifth time but I don’t remember.
  • I finished at least 20 books (I didn’t keep track)



  • I moved again (into a new house in the same neighborhood)
  • I lost a pet, and gained a cousin (fair trade-off)



  • I interred and memorialized my grandparents
  • I bought a knife…and then I bought another one. And then I bought some more knives as gifts to family members.



  • I bought my first ever roasting pan
  • I fell in love with my first ever roasting pan



  • I made my own jam for the first time ever
  • I made Thanksgiving dinner (with some help)



  • I made Christmas dinner…but not Christmas Eve dinner.
  • I made Fourth of July dinner and watched as my family pretended to enjoy it because it really wasn’t that good…


What an action-packed year.

Did I keep up with my resolutions? Most likely not.

Resolution 1: Get a new paid writing job.

Well, I went in completely the opposite direction and gave up all of my paid writing jobs AND asked for less work from my unpaid writing gig.

Resolution 2: Work out, expand and improve on my routine, and establish a more consistent work out habit.

Also, completely different direction. I haven’t been to the gym since April. I don’t even have a membership anymore (and hardly enough money to get a new one.) We’re two for two so far!

Resolution 3: Publish at least 4 savory recipes.

Finally, something positive! If we don’t count breads, then I got exactly four:

  1. Beer-braised chicken
  2. Chicken piccata
  3. Garlic rosemary roasted potatoes
  4. Mashed potatoes with caramelized shallots and chives

And technically, it should be five, but in the chaos of moving in September, I forgot to post a savory summer recipe and now it’s out of season, so that’ll just have to wait until next summer.


So maybe it hasn’t been my year, per se, but everyone gets a mulligan, right?


What about 2018?

I can take what I learned this year and use it to my advantage in the new year. If I don’t meet all of my goals and resolutions, it won’t be the end of the world (that’ll be caused by a certain someone else we all know and love…)

Food resolutions:

  1. Publish more savory recipes (more than four…significantly more than four)
  2. Fill out some of the smaller sections of my recipe list: Bars, Dips, Meats, Soups, etc.
  3. Learn about cooking with mushrooms (I’ve already started compiling recipes)
  4. Publish some pork recipes (I already have 5 planned and one mastered and ready for publishing in January.)

Non-food resolutions:

  1. Get back to the gym and start working out again
  2. Get my credit card paid down as much as possible
  3. Finish at least another 20 books
  4. Start studying Spanish again (I also gave up on all of that this year…)


The ball is almost dropped, the year is almost over, and I think we could all use a group bear hug.

Let’s hug it out, y’all.

See you next year!

Nick P.

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