a glossary


bench scraper: a tool used for shaping, apportioning, and scraping up dough, it’s usually somewhat rectangular with a handle along the side.

blanch (verb): boiling fruits or vegetables for a few seconds in water, then quickly transferring to an ice bath to stop the cooking

broil (verb): 

brûlée: (French), “broiled/burnt”

caramelization: the process by which a sugar breaks down and turns brown, producing nutty, caramel flavors

choux: originally meaning “cabbage” in French, it’s a type of puff pastry made with baked steamed egg batter. It’s used in cream puffs, eclairs, and the like.

cream (verb): beating a softened ingredient, such as butter, until it’s pale and the consistency of frosting.

crimp (verb): 


cut in (verb): mixing a cold, hard ingredient, such as butter, into a flour mixture, usually with a pastry blender, knives, forks, or your fingers, until it resembles coarse crumbs.





knead (verb): manipulating or massaging dough until it develops the desired texture and elasticity.

macaron: a type of French cookie based on an Italian amaretto cookie, made with nut flour and beaten egg whites.


pâte: French, “paste”

pipe (verb): 

proof (verb): letting yeasted dough rest, ferment, and rise.

starter (sourdough): 

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